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CLAREMONT COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RELATIONS <br />SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA <br />Hughes Center Monday <br />1700 Danbury Road April 16, 2018 <br />Claremont, CA 91711 6:00 p.m. <br />COMMITTEE MEMBERS <br />LAUREN ROSELLE <br />CHAIR <br />ROSE ASH PAUL BUCH BEATRICE CASAGRAN <br />MICHAEL EDWARDS DEBI EVANS FERN JO KAUKONEN TAHIL SHARMA <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />ROLL CALL <br />CEREMONIAL MATTERS, PRESENTATIONS, AND ANNOUNCEMENTS <br />PUBLIC COMMENT <br />The Committee on Human Relationshas set aside this time for persons in the audience to comment <br />on items that ARE NOT LISTED ON THIS AGENDA, but are within the jurisdiction of the Committee <br />on Human Relations. Members of the audience will later have the opportunity to address the <br />Committee on Human Relationsregarding ALL OTHER ITEMS ON THE AGENDA at the time the <br />Committee on Human Relationsconsiders those items. <br />At this time the Committee on Human Relations will take public comment for 30 minutes. Public <br />Comment will resume later in the meeting if there are speakers who did not get an opportunity to <br />speak because of the 30-minute time restriction. <br />The Brown Act prohibits the Committee on Human Relationsfrom taking action on oral requests <br />relating to items that are not on the agenda.The Committee on Human Relationsmay engage in a <br />brief discussion, refer the matter to staff, and/or schedule requests for consideration at a subsequent <br />meeting. <br />The City requests, but does not require, speakers to identify themselves. When you come upto <br />speak, please state your name unless you wish to remain anonymous. Each speaker will be allowed <br />four (4) continuous minutes. <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />All matters listed on the consent calendar are considered to be routine. The Committee on Human <br />Relationsmay act on these items by one motion following public comment. <br />Only Committee Members may pull an item from the consent calendar for discussion. <br />